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kinetic therapy in lansdale

kinetic therapy in north wales

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Chiropractic and Kinetic Therapy/Balance Training

Benefits of Chiropractic and Balance Training:
  • Improve coordination, flexibility and proprioceptive awareness
  • Improve and help you prevent and recover from injuries
  • Improve and help you build your core strength and stability
  • Increase the range of motion in your arms and legs
  • Improve the strength of ankles, knees, and hips
  • Improve your posture, which in turn will also aid in the prevention of injury

All these physical benefits can greatly increase your bodies' awareness and create confidence that will positively affect your athletic performance, your recovery from injury, and daily living activities. As the Team Chiropractor for Blackthorn Rugby Club, Dr. Conrad has experience in dealing with chiropractic and sports related injuries, as well as helping athletes around the North Wales and Lansdale PA area. Stop in our North Wales/Lansdale PA Chiropractic office and see if you are a candidate for a chiropractic gait/balance training program.



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